NAME: Ragtown
COUNTY: San Bernadino
CLIMATE: Cool in Winter and Very Hot During Summer
COMMENTS: All that remains are a few mines, known as the Old Pete Mine on Swede Hill. A few hundred yards away is a privately owned mine(Do not enter, it's on private property!)which, can be seen by its red headframe.It can be reached by taking the I-40 East to Ludlow and turning off on a dirt road south of the railroad tracks. This is all the information I can provide to you for the safety and preservation of this site.
REMAINS: A few mine shafts.

To my knowledge, all I know about this site is that it was once a mining camp and neighbor to Stedman(Located a few miles down the road.)There is also a plaque located on the hill to the north. Submitted by: Nick Walrath

“Ragtown” is another of those very colorful Old West phrases for a Red Light District.  Ragtown is about 1 to 2 miles north of the productive, now abandoned, Bagdad mining district in San Bernardino County and also the namesake of the “Bagdad Café”.  Unfortunately, the Bagdad district is mostly on the Twentynine Palm Marine Corps Base and, even though you can still drive into it for a short distance, it is NOT SAFE!  The gunnery range is close by with NO WARNING SIGNS.

The remains of Ragtown also include unpaved streets lined with small boulders, a foundation or two and several trash middens,  but since most of the town was a tent city (thus “rag town”), we have only our imagination to describe this prosperous service community.

Submitted by Craig Phillips