NAME: Rice
COUNTY: San Bernardino
CLIMATE: Mild winter, hot summer
COMMENTS: Rice is located in south-eastern San bernardino county, on state route 62, west of Earp, CA. There are no current residents in Rice.
REMAINS: foundations, buildings, abandoned railroad cars

I don't know much history on Rice, CA. it appears to have been a stop on the adjacent railroad, probably for pick up of crop harvest. I was amazed to see that this town was not already submitted as state route 62 runs right through it, and it appears to have been abandoned for many years. some vandalism is apparent, but still plenty to see and very interesting. sorry, no pics. Submitted by: jared keeling

Rice was part of the Desert Training Camps during WW2 as well as a water stop for steam trains. The ruins of old 76 gas station was open as late as the late 1970's. The world famous Shoe Tree is here also. It is about 30min west of Vidal Junction on CA-62.

Submitted by: Richard Weaver

"Circa 1936, in the town of Rice, California, my Dad ran a "two pump" Shell filling station. Groceries and supplies were by a six or eight hour round trip into San Bernardino, by Duesenberg at 90mph. My Mother, attempting to keep busy in a town of maybe fifteen people, decided to paint a wooden chair. She did an outstanding job . . . the once rough and contoured seat was now smooth white enamel . . . and in a day or so with night-time temperatures often above 100 degrees, the paint quickly dried.

A friend, Bill (or Ed) Horton, came out from Riverside, the following Sunday, still dressed in his suit from church. They visited there in the little house . . . the "bigger" of the two houses, that is. When it came time for him to leave, he rose from the chair, taking with him a new coat of white paint on the seat of his good suit. (Although I was present, I hadn't yet been born.)"

And . . .

"Rice, California . . . one of three contenders for the first nuclear test.
It lost . . . but a look in "Google Earth" reveals that a nuclear test would not have done a more thorough job of making the town almost disappear. I have a collection of old photos . . . memories of the stories told by my parents . . . and the copper emblem from the car: An eagle, with spread wings, "Duesenberg, Straight 8", sitting with other keepsakes . . . I looked at it this morning."

'Thought you might like to know that once, "real people" once lived in this desolate spot in the middle of "no-where", in the middle of the California desert . . . and Rice is far more important than might be assumed.


Robert B. Cushman

(Further info . . . My parents were married in Riverside on "Navy Day" in 1935.  I was born in Santa Ana, 5 October 1937 . . . probably conceived in Rice, California.  Bill and Ed Horton were brothers . . . Ed sang at my parent's wedding at Riverside Baptist Church . . . and Ed also sang at my Dad's funeral (heart attack at age 44), in Burbank, 1957 . . . every time you fly on a "Boeing" or "Douglas" aircraft, the control system, and the inertial restraint system, used by most commercial and many military pilots is from the inventions of Clifford E. Cushman, the man that once "pumped gas" out at Rice, California, in the closing days of the Great Depression.)