NAME: Seneca
COUNTY: Plumas
CLIMATE: Snow in winter
COMMENTS: I have not been there but found it on the web : picture gallery here: story here Directions; take Seneca Road, South of Canyon Dam, off of HW 89 : Seneca is on the map at, search for Greenville, CA (plumas county) and it is there.
REMAINS: wooden shacks, rusty digging artifacts
Historic Plaque reads: Seneca : Gold was found in 1851 and a wild mining town was born with a dance hall, feed store, livery, blacksmith, post office, grocery, rooming houses and a hotel with solar heated showers. The canyon's mine included the Sunnyside, Lucky Chance, White Lily, and Last Chance. A 10 stamp mill pounded out the ore. One mine had 500 Chinese miners; each earned 10 cents a day in rice and they had an opium den. The largest nugget found here was 42 ounces; worth $28,000 in 1942. The most famous spot was the gin mill run by Marie Sabin who moved here in 1934 with her husband Don. Marie was known as the guardian angel of Seneca. Submitted by: Kathryn S. Davidson

Inside the bar circa 1950
Courtesy Twain Marsan

Outside the bar circa 1950
Courtesy Twain Marsan

The hotel which burned down
Courtesy Twain Marsan

The old outhouse behind the bar Circa 1964
Courtesy Twain Marsan

Old picture of Seneca
Courtesy Twain Marsan