NAME: Whiskeytown
COUNTY: Shasta
GRID #(see map): 1
CLIMATE: Cold All Year!
COMMENTS: Under Water!
REMAINS: Here is one building left from what was known as Wiskeytown. The post office was moved up above the lake's rim and is located off 299 on the eastside of the lake before the area was flooded. There is another building that was moved. It was the Whiskeytown school house. It was moved to Old Shasta and is now a Church.
Whiskeytown came by its name from the number of kegs of whiskey that were lost when mules lost their footing on the narrow trail and plunged into the ravine emptying their precious cargo into the stream below. The stream became known as Whiskey Creek and the camp as Whiskeytown. Records show that $25 million was recovered from the streams and gulches of Whiskeytown. If the town were alive today, it could be seen east of Weaverville and west of Redding on highway 299. But that is not possible for it lies under 200 feet icy cold water at the bottom of Whiskeytown Lake. Submitted by Henry Chenowith.
Courtesy Stewart Bentley