NAME: Agate
COUNTY: Elbert
CLIMATE: Very hot in summer, cold winters with some mild days
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year, weather permitting
COMMENTS: Agate, zip code 80101, is a semi-ghost town about 15 miles from Limon. It's located just off Interstate 70 at exit 340. The population of the zip code was 364 in 2000, with a very few of these poeple living in the old town itself. Most buildings are abandoned.
REMAINS: Many abandoned homes and businesses
The town of Gebhard was founded in 1876, but changed its name to Agate in 1882. The old town itself is almost empty, but new homes are being built nearby. Submitted by: Diddley Squat

Agate, Colorado, photo taken 24 August, 2010
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Old home in Agate, 2010 Agate Colorado
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Main street, August 2010
Courtesy Diddley Squat

August 2010
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Old gas station and mechanic shop
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Corner grocery and home Agate
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Deserted House
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Old House
Courtesy Didley Squat