NAME: Almont
COUNTY: Gunnison
CLIMATE: Cold winter with snow, cool summer
COMMENTS: Near Gunnison.
REMAINS: Current resort and outdoor recreation area.

Almont was a very important town in the Gunnison area. Ore from many of the camps in the area was brought to Almont for shipment to Gunnison. After mining was no more and the railroad removed, the town continued to live as a resort area and is today very popular with fishermen. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

Little Engines and Big Men by G. A. Lathrop published by Caxton Printers in 1954 and Tracking Ghost Railroads In Colorado by Robert Ormes published by Green Light Graphics in 1992 both list and describe the Denver & Rio Grande Western's Crested Butte Branch as passing through Almont on the way to Crested Butte and the coal mines at Floresta. It is true that the DSP&P built north from Gunnison but up Ohio Creek through Castleton and Baldwin and probably would have made it to Floresta if the D&RGW had not gotten there first. Almont is at the confluence of the Taylor and East Rivers. The D&RGW's chief traffic was coal, ore, freight, and passengers on the Crested Butte Branch and may have carried livestock from the Taylor Park area. Dick Thompson

Almont - July 1999
Todd Underwood