NAME: Boggsville
CLIMATE: Cold winter with some snow, cool summer
COMMENTS: Boggsville is now classified as an Historic Site and you can get additional information by contacting the Friends of Boggsville, P.O. Box 68, Las Animas, CO 81054. It is located on the west bank of the Purgatorie River two miles south of the present day town of Las Animas on Colorado Highway 101. Just a few miles to the east is the John Martin Reservoir Recreation Area where you will find plenty of camping and all of the water sports you can think of. A few miles south and east is the David Harbour Dinasaur site which was just found two years ago. Bents Fort is also a few miles to the west and well worth the trip.
REMAINS: A few buildings and old foundations. Some of the buildings are being restored and more are going to be rebuilt.
Boggsville was founded in 1862 by Thomas O. Boggs and his wife Rumalda Luna Bent, the stepdaughter of Charles Bent. William Bent lived on his ranch located north of Boggsville that he established in 1858. In 1867 Boggs was joined by John Prowers and his brother-in-law, John Hough. Both Boggs and Prowers worked for the Bent brothers and Ceran St. Vrain in their trading enterprises at Bent's Old Fort and in Taos, New Mexico. In 1867, the famous frontiersman, Kit Carson moved to Boggsville, which was his last home before he died in 1868 at Fort Lyon. The diverse cultural groups that comprised Boggsville included Americans, New Mexicans, Native Americans. As a major site on the Boggsville Branch of ther Santa Fe Trail during the 1860's, Boggsville served as the nucleus of permanent settlement of the Arkansas Valley and southeastern Colorado. Between 1863 and 1873 Boggsville became the regional center for agriculture, government ( it was the first county seat of Bent County created in 1870 in the Colorado Territory and encompassed approximately 9,000 square miles. Boggsville had a trading house and a stage stop and also had the first school in Bent County. During its prominent period more than 20 structures we located in town. Submitted by: Jay S. Warburton

Monument along Colorado Highway 101 (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

Shows both the Boggs' and Prowers' residents (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

Thomas Boggs house which is presently being restored (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

One of many historical displays along the hiking path (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

Old structures probably used for livestock (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

Kit Carson Chapel at Fort Lyon (August, 2001).
Jay Warburton

Dedication plaque on the outside wall of the Chapel. It was closed at this time because of damage done by a hail storm just a few weeks before this picture was taken.
Jay Warburton

The David Harbour dinasaur site on the west end of John Martin reservoir along the south side. This is just a few miles east of Boggsville and worth the trip. (August, 2001)
Jay Warburton

This shows the size of one of the dinasaur foot prints at the David Harbour site just a few miles east of Boggsville.
Jay Warburton