NAME: Bowerman
COUNTY: Gunnison
CLIMATE: Cold winter with snow, cool summer
COMMENTS: Near Pitkin - many current houses and cabins.
REMAINS: Many original buildings.
The Bowerman story is not unique in the annals of ghost towns except for the fact it was probably the most the heralded city in Colorado in its day and subsequently one of its biggest duds. It all happened when a J. C. Bowerman hit it rich after nearly thirty years of prospecting without having any luck. The first ore assayed was said to be worth $70,000 a ton. Newspapers were calling it "the greatest gold camp of the twentieth century." The rush was on. That was in the summer of 1903. Buildings were erected, businesses were established including saloons, gambling halls and stores to support a population of around five hundred persons, mostly miners at the time. The town was incorporated in 1904 and at that time there were two hotels, lawyer offices, three mining engineers and even a newspaper. Then the mystery began to unfold. Bowerman wasn't shipping any ore. Shipping dates would come and go and still no ore was being shipped from the Bowerman mine. Other mines were shipping some ore but not nearly what was expected. Soon the riddle became clear. It just wasn't going to happen. People began leaving and by 1907 only two hundred remained and by 1911 the town was deserted. Many interesting buildings of the fabulous dud remain at the foot of Wuanita Pass. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

On the way to Bowerman - July 2001
Todd Underwood

Bowerman area, many current houses and cabins- July 2001
Todd Underwood