NAME: Brandon
CLIMATE: Cold in the winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible all year round.
COMMENTS: The closest town of any size is Lamar, Colorado. From there head north on U.S. Highway 287 for approximately 25 miles where it intersectw with Colorado Highway 96. Turn left(east) for about 15 miles. It right along the highway. Just like its neighbor to the west, Chivington, you can head north a few miles out of town to the famous Indian battle ground where the Sand Creek Massacre took place in 1864. The real site of the battle wasn't discovered until this last year (2001) and there is no public access at this time. Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell and some other folks are trying to get this property purchased so it can preserved and opened to the public. There are also many camping facilities just south of town a few miles at some of the state recreational areas. Plenty of camping areas available along the shoreline of numerous lakes with plenty of fishing, boating and other water recreational opportunities. Check with the Lamar Chamber of Commerce, Lamar, Colorado 81052 for more information.
REMAINS: Plenty of old abandoned buildings.

Just like its neighbor to the west, Chivington, I wasn't able to find out much of the history. Brandon was probably started in the late 1800's and abandoned in the early 1900's. When I go back this summer I am going to go to the Lamar library to see if I can find any information and will submit it then. However, if any of you folks know anything about the town please send it in... Submitted by: Jay S. Warburton

A note about the Sand Creek massacre site. The site is now open seven days a week. It has a visitor center and hiking trails to the site. It is a national historical site operated by the national park service. There is currently no charge. It is well marked from highway 287 near Eads. The entrance is at Chivington (named after the man who led the militia at the battle). I was there May 27, 2008. Submitted by Harvey.

I was told by a local farmer that this was the general store.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

This is the old bank. The vault in the corner has at least two foot thick walls. Locals say to watch out for rattle snakes when the weather is warm.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

The local I talked to thought this was the gas station.
Courtesy Jay Warburton