NAME: Buckingham
CLIMATE: All four seasons
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible year-round hot summer, cold winter
COMMENTS: Buckingham is located right on Highway 14 about 15 miles east of Briggsdale. There is only one part time resident at the old salvage yard. Located in the heart of the Pawnee National Grasslands and is beautiful in the spring when the prairie is blooming. Lots of wildlife viewing and great photo opportunities of The Great American Desert. Keep a sharp eye out for prairie rattle snakes in the warmer months. UPDATE: Fire has burned most of the city.
REMAINS: Old one room school house, a few old homes and business buildings and lots of old foundations.
Buckingham was once a thriving community of nearly 600 people with a bank, post office(December 21, 1888 to June 23, 1966), a hotel, lumber yard, 3 garages, shoe shop, and 3 grocery stores plus numerous other business that are now history. Submitted by: Jay Warburton

One-room school just west of town
Courtesy Jay Warburton

old stage stop, then livery stable, then a garage
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Courtesy Jay Warburton

Abandoned House
Courtesy Jay Warburton

This is believed to be the hardware store
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Courtesy Jay Warburton

Forest Service Campground one mile north of Briggsdale. It has plenty of space and beautiful camping spots. Daily fee required.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

During the summer drought of 2002, there was a praire fire on the
eastern plains of Colorado and it burned all of the original buildings
in the town of Buckingham except for the
school house on the hill. I
took this photograph on the 26th of May, 2003. I'm glad I got out there
to record the buildings on Ghost Towns site before they were lost forever.
Jay Warburton