NAME: Caddoa
CLIMATE: Snow in winter and can be hot in the summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer and fall are best times.
COMMENTS: Go 4.5 miles directly south of the small town of Hasty on Highway 50. Turn on the road marked to John Martin Reservoir and follow the signs. The business part of Caddoa is gone but there are a few year round residents. One is Mr. Charley Hawkins, who was the rural mail carrier when Caddoa had a post office. If you can find him home ( I didn't) I understand he is very friendly and loves to talk about his town. Stop in the Hasty Post Office and talk to Ms. Sharon Marcum who is in charge there. She is a sweetheart of a lady and will help you all she can.
REMAINS: Some old abandoned business buildings and some foundations.
The following information was provided me by Ms. Marcum: History records that in 1862 a peaceable tribe of Indians, known as the Caddos, was compelled to leave Texas because of their camps being raided by the Confederate forces. This tribe was friendly to the Union so the government undertook to aid them in getting settled in a new location. For this purpose, General Wright selected this site along the Arkansas river just west of Fort Wise and named it Caddoa. The governement assured them of protection and built three large stone buildings designed to be the headquarters but for some unknown reason the Indians refused to settle here and moved south along the Canadian river instead. In 1863, John W. Prowers, became the owner of the Caddoa and occupied the buildings and used them as his ranch headquarters. The Santa Fe Railway reached Caddoa in the fall of 1873. Until the railroad moved further west it was the shipping point for a vast territory and soon had a hotel and two saloons. In later years, including the 1880' and 90's the town prospered handling heavy tonnage in building material and supplies ofr settlers moving into the south country. Nobody knows for sure when the stone buildings were torn down and only rough foundations can be seen today. Submitted by: Jay Warburton

Caddoa Post Office
Jay Warburton

Caddoa Sign
Jay Warburton

Caddoa Old Buildings
Jay Warburton