NAME: Carbon Valley
CLIMATE: Pleasantly warm during the sumer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer time is the best by far.
COMMENTS: The three sister Towns of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono (Carbon Valley) are home to a number of residents. These Towns are located just off Route 52 between I-25 & Fort Lupton.
REMAINS: All three communities, but alsothe remains of underground mine shafts below the streets of Frederick.
Nestled in the Southwestern corner of the vast and beautiful Weld County are the three communities of Firestone, Dacono, and Frederick, known as the Carbon Valley, or Tri-Town area. Still sparsely populated are these Towns, they are not Ghost, but retain much of their Old-Western charm and heritage. All three of these Towns were incorporated during 1908. And in their early days, Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono were primarily a mining area. And to date, many of the shafts still exist beneath Frederick. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.