NAME: Deer Trail
COUNTY: Arapahoe
CLIMATE: Hot summers, warm in spring and fall, winters are cold with mild days
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time of year during dry weather
COMMENTS: Deer Trail, Colorado: It could be called a "semi-ghost town." There are people living there, about 500-600 of them. And there's a post office, a school, a gas station or two, and some nice homes. But a good part of the town, especially its inner core, is as deserted as any old mining town.
REMAINS: Occupied housing, but a lot of vacant, abandoned properties, too, including the old newspaper building, the downtown row, many homes and trailers
Deer Trail is 60 miles from Denver, according to Google maps. It's right off I-70, just south of the highway. It has residents, but its downtown core is deserted and decayed. I'll send a few pictures and you can decide if it qualifies as a ghost town. Submitted by: Diddley Squat

The lettering says "Deer Trail Tribune."
Courtesy D.Squat

Deer Trail's main street (First St.)
Courtesy D.Squat

Old storefront on Deer Trail's First Avenue
Courtesy D.Squat

Backs of buildings on First Ave.
Courtesy D.Squat

Deer Trail downtown buildings (from back)
Courtesy D.Squat

Deserted church building
Courtesy D.Squat

Boarded up house in Deer Trail
Courtesy D.Squat

First Avenue
Courtesy D.Squat