NAME: Dyersville
COUNTY: Summit
CLIMATE: Cold winter with snow, cool summer
COMMENTS: Just south of Breckenridge.
REMAINS: Many cabins.
Perhaps the only town to be named after a minister of the gospel, this town was named after a Father Dyer, an intrepid character who carried the gospel to remote pockets of the area. In an effort to help finance his mission in life, Father Dyer discovered the Warriors Mark mine, built a cabin a short distance from the mine, worked the mine for a year or two and sold it for $2,000. A mill was erected in 1883 and a spur on the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad was run in to haul out the ore. The mine was worked until 1908. During the early 1880s, others came to the area to try their luck, cabins were built and a small town named Dyersville was born. There are still ten or twelve cabins left in the town but none match the description of Father Dyer's original cabin. The site is not difficult to reach but the last half-mile is better suited to a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The railroad spur has been converted to an automobile road, and there is a U.S. Forest Service sign reading "Indiana Creek, Pennsylvania Creed," and pointing down in the Gulch. This leads to Dyersville.Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.
Dyersville Cabin
Courtesy Susan Hobbie