NAME: Gould
COUNTY: Jackson
CLIMATE: Super cold in winter but accessible year-round.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: If you love winter sports that is a great time.

COMMENTS: Gould is 22 miles east of Walden right on Highway 14. There are all sorts of recreational opportunities all around Gould. Colorado State Forest, Routt National Forest, as well as thousands of acres of BLM and State Trust Lands that are available. Fabulous trout fishing, big game hunting, small game hunting, gold prospecting in the numerous creeks and small rivers and outdoor photography opportunities are unlimited. The Howling Coyote is a resturant/bar and is a great place to eat with a super western atmosphere. Rustic cabins are available at the Powderhorn Cabins within walking distance of Gould. Their phone number is 970-723-4359. There are plenty of camping facilities all around the area. I don't know if the Powderhorn Cabins are open in the winter and some of the campgrounds are closed. your best bet is to write or call Ms. Rae Redman at the North Park Chamber of Commerce, P.O.Box 68, Walden, CO 80480-0068 (PH. 970-723-4600). UPDATE:The Howling Coyote
 seems not no longer be in business. I take 14 often to get to Fort Collins from Steamboat Springs and it definitely appears to be abandoned. However the Drifters Cookhouse does still seem to be open. If you check out Google Maps and street view it. (attached image) I've also heard of people stopping there for dinner - Amy Zutterling.

I am writing about your update on Gould, CO.  The building across the street from the cook house was the store and post office.  Bell and Earl were family friends, and my grandparents had a cabin in Gould.  I spent every summer June-August, Spring break, and Christmas in Gould for 18 years.  Bell and Earl owned all the referenced buildings when I knew them.  I was there when the store was also an Amico gasoline station.  I may have misspelled the name.  Bell also ran the cook house across the street.  The last building was used for storage when I was there.  They also owned the house that backed up to the cook house.

REMAINS: One abandoned building along the highway and the Howling Coyote resturant.

When I was trying to find out any information about Gould I went to the library in Walden and they didn't have a thing. Got hold of Ms. Rae Redman at the North Park Chamber of Commerce and her response was, "Wow, what a challenge. It seems like Gould has been pretty much a mystery. People have lived there, went to school there, worked near there, and have never given it any thought." Gould was never an incorporated town. The Penfold Store was erected in 1928 and remains a structure (general store photo) today. The population varied, going up and down according to the fortunes of the mining industry. Gould finally settled into a lumber town until the mill moved to Walden in the mid-1900's. Gould was also the site of a 350 person Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the 1930's and was the site of a German prisoner of War Camp during World War II. Submitted by: Jay S. Warburton

UPDATE: Your web site shows the "general store and post office" and implys that it is the old site.It is not.That building was built by the oil man E.B.Shauver back in the 60s to run the original store and post office out of business.A man by the name of Kenny ran the old store from the time he worked at the prison camp un till Shauver did run him out of business.
The original building was east of the Coyote restaurant about 80 yards,the building you show is across the street.
I was introduced to this area in the mid 50s as a child and have hunted and fished that area since.
And by the way I now have the original counter that was in the old post office and general store,it still shows the knife marks where Mr Kenny carved cheese for sandwiches.
Bill Humphrey

The Howlin' Coyote Resturant and Bar. Only business still operating in Gould.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

There are plenty of campgrounds in the area. This sign is right in Gould.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

This building was the general store and post office and is abandoned now. (September, 2000)
Courtesy Jay Warburton