NAME: Grover
CLIMATE: Average Colorado climate year round.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring or Early Summer time.
COMMENTS: Grover is south of Devon, and north of Keota along Route 214 towards Hillsdale and Carpenter, Wyoming.
REMAINS: Many derelict buildings dot the streets of Grover.
The old Town of Grover was founded on October 29th 1888, situated in the isolated North of Weld county, Grover is still home to 150 residents. Surrounded by the Pawnee National Grasslands and vast prairie, Grover was once home to successful businesses, stores, a Stage Station and Hotels. But nowadays, these buildings are now boarded-up or reduced to rubble, as its residents moved outwards away from the once proud Grover. The Towns populace abandoned Grover during the Dust Bowl era, and also in the 1970's when the Burlington railroad from Sterling to Cheyenne closed. The dusty little town usually goes untouched by passers by, but Grover still holds on to its old western charm. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.

Grain Bin
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Hereford Inn
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Courtesy Jay Warburton

This is the loading area across from the museum in Grover where many of the goods for the northern Colorado plains where unloaded. This is about ten miles south of Hereford amd well worth a visit even though Grove is still a thriving small town.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Courtesy Jay Warburton