NAME: Ludlow
COUNTY: Las Animas
CLIMATE: Winter snow; warm-cool summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All but winter
COMMENTS: Take exit #27 off I-25 north of Trinidad CO. Head West and take the 2nd left onto a dirt road running beside a RR track. The townsite is a short distance south. All structures are behind fenced private propert but all are near the roadside for good photos. Continue on south along the tracks for a mile or so (maybe 2) to the 1st point where you can cross the RR tracks (an underpass). After a mile or so along this road, there are many mining structure founations stretching for a few miles. I saw only one intact building, apparently a jail. It's right on the roadside. If you follow this road (good quality dirt road), you pass a few other remains and it eventually comes to CO-12 at the quaint but unghostly town of Cokedale. Across CO-12 from Coakedale is a rather extensive and odd looking foundation.
REMAINS: True ghost; Several intact cabins (4/99)

The area was apparently mainly coal mining and the site of "The Ludlow Massacre". (The massacre is noted only in passing in "Clorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps" by Sandra Dallas. Submitted by: Harold Frodge

UPDATE: Noticed your Page and thought I might share some Information.

In The Ludlow Description The Author had Cokedale Listed and Across State Highway 12 were some strange foundations.
Those foundations are the COKE OVENS to burn coal for the coking process at the steel mill in Pueeblo.

If you would like to read some history of the area there are a couple of really good books tittled:
Out of the Depths by Baron Beshoar - Deals with the Ludlow Massacre
Death of Spring by Silvio Caputo - Deals with the Trinidad area and the life of his Father.
Mountain to Mill by FRank Villa - Deals mainly with The Colorado and Wyoming Railroad

- Larry Lucas

 I recently read a book by Carl Breihan called "Forty Years on the Wild Frontier" (published in 1985) which in part chronicles the events leading up to the "Ludlow Massacre" of April 20th, 1914. So many people were killed by coal company guards that day that bodies of the unfortunate victims were found years later in the surrounding hills. The book describes the events of that day through the written accounts of survivors, and in other chapters describes long-lost towns and settlements in the Walsenburg and Trinidad areas. A good source of info!
 Dave Alquist
 Mesa, Arizona

Courtesy David Cristiani

Courtesy David Cristiani

Courtesy David Cristiani