NAME: Massive City
COUNTY: Pitkin
CLIMATE: Cold winter with snow, cool summer
COMMENTS:Near Leadville .
REMAINS: A few foundations.
Massive City was another area opened up by the overflow of Leadville prospectors. It was located about halfway between Leadville and the Colorado River, on the Frying Pan River, on the western slopes of Mount Massive. A Denver newspaper predicted in 1879 that Massive City would be second to none, perhaps Leadville excepted, among the new boom cities of Colorado. The prediction read: "It is expected by those who know that there will be one Thousand men there next season, hunting for hidden treasure. . . . and it will hold a population of ten thousand souls ere the chilly winds of December again return, there can be found no rational reason for a doubt." The newspaper account said Massive City was the center of the richest carbonate belt in Colorado and within the limits of Massive City itself were the most valuable mineral springs of the state. Despite the press notices, Massive City fell far short of expectations. By the end of the summer of 1880, however, it was discovered that most of the claims weren't worth developing and the rich properties weren't as extensive as first believed. By 1881, most of the population was fed up with Massive City and its false promises and moved elsewhere and Massive City died quietly.Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.
Massive City
Todd Underwood