NAME: Pierce
CLIMATE: Cold is winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible all year
COMMENTS: Pierce is located right on U.S. Higway 85 about 4 miles north of Ault. Although the main part of town has been abondoned there are more and more people moving out of Denver and Greeley into these old deserted towns. The future may be bright once again for Pierce.
REMAINS: Old post office/general store, lumber yard, mercantile store, bank and a few other abandoned building. There is a grocery store still open and a post office.
Pierce was the second station in Weld County on the Denver Pacific Railroad in 1869 and was the first section station north of Denver. It was named after General John Pierce who was the surveyor general for Colorado Territory who later became the 4th President of the D.P.R.R. There was a section house, water tank and siding in 1869 and the town was established in 1903 when the post office opened. The town was platted by John and Bert Shafer in 1906 and in 1907 they deeded land for a school house and on March 23, 1918, the town was incorporated. They did put a clause in all of the land deeds that prohibited the manufacture or sale of intoxicants in the town under penalty of forfeiture of title to all property. Submitted by: Jay Warburton

The remainder of old stores on main street.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

This shows the main street. An antique store is open (sometimes) in the old mercantile store and a grocery store still operates.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

The old bank building.
Courtesy Jay Warburton