NAME: Proctor
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring, summer and fall
COMMENTS: 19 miles northeast of Sterling on I-76. Turn north at Proctor exit then 1 mile north to Proctor on Hwy 6. There are some current residents but most of the buildings are abandoned. Excellent pheasant, quail and waterfowl hunting in the area as well as great walleye, crappie, wiper and other warm water fishing in North Sterling and Jumbo reservoirs.
REMAINS: Some residents but mostly abandoned buildings
Proctor was established in 1908 by J.D. Blue, Jr. when he and some friends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa purchased a tract of land comprising five thousand acres. Except for the townsite, which Mr. Blue owned the remaining land was known as the Blue Ranch. Eventually the Union Pacific built a station on land purchased from Mr. Blue. The town was named General Proctor, an Indian fighter who came to Logan County with General Crook. The Proctor State Bank was organized in 1909 and the president was a Mr. GeorgeA. Henderson. The Proctor Lumber Company and Lamb and Lamb general merchandise store was started about that same time. L.A. Lamb was also the first postmaster with the post office located in his store. The Great Western Sugar Company eventually maintained a huge beet dump there as sugar beets were a main crop in the area along with corn, wheat and hay. Cattle ranching was also big in the area. Submitted by: Jay Warburton

Old gas station
Courtesy Jay Warburton

There are several old abandoned buildings
Courtesy Jay Warburton

The old blacksmith shop and garage.
Courtesy Jay Warburton