NAME: Purcell
CLIMATE: Cold and windy in winter. Hot in summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall are the best times to visit.
COMMENTS: North of Ault on U.s. Highway 85, 4 miles to Pierce turn east for 8 miles or go east of Ault on Highway 14, 8 miles the north then north on county road for 4 miles. No current residents and town is on private land. The owners are Dolly E. Groves and her family who live in nearby Eaton. They usually grant permission to explore the town if you ask. Nice folks and they know a lot about the history of the area. Also take the time to visit other ghost towns in the area such as Keota, Buckingham and Hereford. Best time to visit is in the spring when the prairie is blooming. A nice public campground in a quarter mile north of Briggsdale..

Correction: Purcell is being developed as Purcell Estates. Visitors welcomed, tours of old sites available. Contact: Charlie Odendhal, Community Manager and local historian. 970-834-1286. Mailing address: 24165 Weld County Road 90, Ault, CO 80610. Residence is in Purcell Townsite.Regards, Charlie 

UPDATE: Dolly is no longer with us. Purcell Ranch is now owned by her niece, Judy May. However, since I am manager for Purcell Estates, the developing area, visitors are welcomed in the old town. Guided tours available. Albeit not much has been found of late by metal detectors.
Charles Odendhal, 24165 CR 90, Ault [Purcell], CO, 80634.

REMAINS: Old gas station/candy store/post office, lumber store and stock yard. A few other old buildings and foundations.

Purcell was a main cattle shipping center and farming community. The Union Pacific Railraod ran a track to Purcell in the 30's where it ended in a 'Y' and could turn around and head back to Greeley or Cheyenne. During the boom times it was common to ship out over 40 boxcar loads of wheat and thousands of head of cattle. In 1911, Hubert D. Waldo purchased the property from a man named Purcell, thus, the name. Waldo basically built the town and owned the mercantile store plus most of the other businesses in town. Where the abandoned gas station/candy store/post office now stand is in southwest corner of town. Right behind the station is the old lumber yard store front and corals. Submitted by: Jay Warburton

Jay's friend, Larry Finnell, is metal detecting along the main street of Purcell.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Old gas station/candy store/post office on southwest corner of town.
Courtesy Jay Warburton

Lumber yard store front and corrals.
Courtesy Jay Warburton