NAME: Seven Lakes
COUNTY: Teller
CLIMATE: Lot of snow in winter, roads bearly impossible to pass. Mild summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Only accessible in late Spring and Summer
COMMENTS: High on a ridge of Pike's Peak overlooking all of Colorado Springs.
REMAINS: A mine shaft and one other building

This was never a large ghost town (max pop. 34) but it is in one of the most beautiful paces in the world. It's on a ridge of Pike's Peak at about 12,500 feet above sea level. There is only a mine shaft(Gleneagle Mine) and one building. There are no actual roads to get to it but there's a trail that's accessible only by hardore 4 wheel drive vehicles. If your car can't do it, you'll have to walk about 3 miles. It's along the banks of a large stream thet come straight from the ground abou 200 feet above the ghost town, so it's icy-cold and pure enough to drink. This is one of the most spectacular ghost towns in Colorado and probably the world.

Submitted by: Bob Gaugherty