NAME: Sligo
CLIMATE: Very warm during the Summer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring or early Summer.
COMMENTS: There are no residents at present day Sligo, though near by Grover is home to 150 people. A special thing to see would be the Pawnee Butte, west of the Sligo area, as well as the Pawnee National Grasslands that look beautiful during Summer.
REMAINS: To my knowledge, only a cemetery remains of Sligo.
Sligo, Colorado being named after a County in Ireland was home to few people. The town peacefully rested along the Burlington Railroad, that was shared by sister communities in which Sligo lies between, Grover and Keota. Sligo never had a Post, nor express office. The only records that reveal any existents of remains at present day Sligo state that a cemetery lies near Grover on barren prairie. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.