NAME: Weaver
COUNTY: Mineral
CLIMATE: Snow in winter no access
BEST TIME TO VISIT: May through September
COMMENTS: Weaver was one of th early day mining camps. Several hundred people lived there and like Bachelor, it had a school. The Amethyst and Last Chance mines were among the richest in the area. They brought the influx of miners and families. There are still quite a few families in the San Luis Valley who trace their lineage to the Creede miners. The Creede Historical Society will have more information about Weaver and probably a number of early day photos.
REMAINS: Unknown, I suspect that any remnants are on VERY private property
Contemporary of Creede and Bachelor and died about the same time. It is located due North of Creede on the Bachelor Loop between East and West Willow Canyons about 5-7 miles North. Only reference I have ever seen was on if you can believe it MapQuest and then followed it up with email to Creede email and received the material under comments Submitted by: L. G. Huitt