NAME: Hookmans cemetary
COUNTY: New haven
CLIMATE: Snow in winter (sometimes) hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: At night is the best time it isn't a big cemetary.
COMMENTS: Hookmans Cemetary is located in Seymour Connecticut just off of Cemetery road. It is a relatively small cemetary , but it is said to be haunted.i went with a few of my friends and took some pictures there and out of a 24 exp roll I had 11 pictures with very distinct human forms. this was my first time ever doing any thing like this. my pictures were extremely close up to the form. in some of them you can actually see a human form. there are some distinct ones of faces.in one of the shots i had my 3 friends stand in a group it was a clear night but in the picture there is a thick cloud over their heads.i took a picture of one of the grave stones and there was a large cloud of what looked like fog around it. i think this one was an evil spirit because the fog had a purple tintto it and the others were grey .
REMAINS: It is a cemetary there are graves stones
The legend is that a man with the last name of hookman was hanged in one of the trees in this cemetary many many years ago. He was wrongfully accused of a crime and put to death. His spirit is said to roam the cemetary.He is a very angry soul. It is also said if you are in your car at night driving down the road he was hanged on your car will stall and you will hear a very faint scratching sound from the hook he had on his hand.I believe this is true because I have a picture of what looks like a man looking into my face and in the corner what looks like a hook. This is the lengend I heard but there are many other stories about this place Submitted by: Amanda Anderson