NAME: Pleasure Beach
COUNTY: Fairfield
CLIMATE: Typical New England climate. Hot summers, cold winters.
COMMENTS: A website about pleasure Beach:
REMAINS: Over 20 cottages and houses, a radio tower, several docks, several broken roads, a burnt down bridge, and a gazzebo.

Pleasure Beach is an island/peninsula(island at high tide, peninsula at low tide) that is home to a fairly large Ghost Town. It is one of connecticuts newer ghost towns and it is fairly sized streching about 2 miles long. It was home to a small community of beachside homes, an ammusement park, and the WICC radio tower all of which are now abandonned except for the radio tower which is accessed for maintainence by WICC via hover craft. It is bordered to the north by Lewis Gut and a vast area of wetlands, to the south by Long Island Sound, to the West by Jonsons Creek and Bridgeport Harbor, and far to the East by the village of Lordship. It lies in Fairfield County, Connecticut on the border of Bridgeport and Stratford. Pleasure beach was a thriving seaside community unitll 1996 when its only connection to the mainland a wooden bridge burnt down. All property owners were forced to leave the island/penninsula and all of their property their beacuase of the fact that the fire department would not be able to access the community in case of an emergency. The island/peninsula is currently accesible by boat and at low tide by foot. There is some good news thou, Bridgeport and Stratford might sell the area of pleasure beach and the dense wetlands located to the north to a government agency that will turn it into a wildlife conservation and hopefully preserve the ghost town. Directions: 1)get on I-95 and drive to connecticut 2)drive untill you get to exit 30 in stratford just past the bridgeport-stratford line(past the stratford-milford line if your heading southbound) 3)drive down lordship blvd. till you get to oak bluff ave.(which is just past sikorski airport 4)take a right on oak bluff ave. and drive all the way straite til you hit the water. 5)take a right at the end of oak bluff ave. and you should reach a parking lot 6) get out of your car and walk north west untill you reach the ghost town. Submitted by: Brian Kotos

A boarded up house on pleasure beach
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

A road in pleasure beach with a view of the radio tower.
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

Pleasure Beach abbandonned cottage
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

A road in pleasure beach
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

Parking Lot
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

Booyes lined up on a fence leading up to the radio tower of the island
Courtesy Michael Raleigh

A rugged american flag abandonned in pleasure beach
Courtesy Michael Raleigh