NAME: Dahlonega
COUNTY: Lumpkin
CLIMATE: Moderate Summers Cool Winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer, Fall
COMMENTS: The Town is a mere shadow of its fromer self and survies only because of tourist Take GA 400 up to the end of the divided highway turn left onto S.R. 19 go five miles and you'll end up in down town Dahlonega
REMAINS: The Entire Town is intact

Is the site of the nation's first gold rush. Was founded by the 29er's in 1829. Dahlonega and its Sister Auraria where 2 of the first boom town found in america how ever most of the mining stopped in 1849 and picked back up in 1880 but has steadly declined since 1915 Submitted by: Grant Nelson

There still is plenty of gold to be found in the area of Dahlonega and Auraria. Also there are few mines have been opened as show mines in the town of Dahlonega. However if the prices of gold should ever go to about 500$ an onuce than it would be profitable to mine the gold again, I'm told. Also, it might be noted that gold belt in Southeast runs from the area north of Washington D.C. in Maryland down through a portation West Virginia, Northeren Virginia, North Carolinia, Eastern Tennesse, South Carolinia, Northern and Central Georgia and into Northern Alabham. Many of these area's of the gold belt such as Georgia had supratic mining down between the early 1830's to 1930's. Also most of the miners would take the easy gold and then leave. So now what the ore the miners considered harder to get to is still there and a gaining value. So if you leave in any of these area's I just mentationed I sujeist you keep an eye out. Don't just believe that gold mining happend out west. 1958 the citizens of Dahlonega presented the state with a gift of gold. The metal was pounded into thin sheets and attached to the top of the State House in Atlanta (The State Capitol). The gold dome remains as lasting symbol to the very first gold rush in our nations history Three of of the reason's why you don't hear about the the Appalachin Gold Rushes, First: because there weren't any really famous writers in the area to write stores about the subject. ( example: Mark Tawin wrote about the 49er's alot ). Second: the gold rushes came and went as soon as word of another strike tricked down from out west. The miners would abandon mines no matter how profitable they were, thinking that the mines out west would be a lot more profitable.Third: a whole lot of mines that strick gold in the 1880's- 1930's would be emedatily sold to major mining corperations and congerents. However a lot of the time, after the mines were sold they would go bankrupt, generaly either within a few months or years. This is because the corperation would be aready in debt from buying the mine and then they have to pay for machinery, ore crushing facilities, man power, and so on. So unless the mine turned a profit real fast it would contune losing revenue until it went bankrupt. However the mines may be profitable now days if you find one, you and few people could begain mining again. However! before you enter the mines again hire an mining engeineer to take a look at you mine first to see if its safe and econically feasable to reopen the mine -Grant Nelson