NAME: Dudley
COUNTY: Kootenia
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer, floods in spring
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring and early fall
COMMENTS: There is a total of 8 residence in the town of Dudley. Located 7 miles south of Cataldo, Idaho.
REMAINS: The last known standing building in the town was a old hotel.
In 1923 Christian Luoma bought a large part of the property there.. now Christman's, Ellis's, and others own the property. This was at one time a booming mining and logging town. Also well known for boot legging. In the 1950's the bridge that lead between the town and tamerack ridge fell. Leaving most people to travel a great distance... and soon made the town die. Some things I am still learning and will update as I find out. I was born and raised in this town. At the time the population was maybe 18 people.. most were family. This town had a grocrie store, Hotel/bording house. Upstairs of the store was the dance hall. A well known street address is 26420 Dudley Rd. Cataldo, ID. To my knowledge there was a couple with the last name Dudley that had found the town.. that is the reasoning for the name. There is a house... basically the foundation that still stands that was said to have been their house. Unfortunatly I am the one that burned down the only house that accually was shown on the map. Not aware of the meaning of history at the time and lack of knowledge... I had it burned down, If anyone is interested in the pictures I do have them and to all that it may offended I do appoligize. If anyone has any more information about the town or is wanting information feel free to email me. Submitted by: Laura Baysinger/Arklander/Arkilander