NAME: Birds
COUNTY: Lawrence
CLIMATE: Cold, often snowy winters; warm, humid summers

COMMENTS: Birds is about 1 mi east of Il Rte 1, about 7.5 mi north of Lawrenceville.

Birds is about 7.5 miles from north of Lawrenceville on Hwy-1 and intersects with 10. Marshall is about 35 miles due north on Hwy 1.The present Mayor of Birds is Norman Butcher. He is about eighty years old,(hard of hearing)and has no problem with anyone wanting to metal detect.He only asks that no one goes on current residents property.It would be adviseable/polite to check in with him first to let him know who you are.Phone: 1-618-928-2734The surrounding area is easy to metal detect on. The Mayor of the town keeps
all th vacant lots mowed.
REMAINS: Some abandoned buildings; there may be residents farther from the road, but the commercial area is definitely a ghost town. Some houses, mobile homes and a couple of very old buildings.

A small farming hamlet; no additional information available. Submitted by: Kurt Wenner

In 1996 Birds was hit by a horrific flood. FEMA aid bought
out the damaged homes. The damaged homes were knocked down and cleared away.
All that remains are a few houses, mobile homes, and two churches. Most of the
residents have moved away. Only 30 people remain.

Submitte by: Robert Roy

Courtesy Kurt Wenner

Old Brick Church
Courtesy Robert Roy

Very old vacant house
Courtesy Robert Roy

Church still in use
Courtesy Robert Roy