NAME: Kedron Valley
CLIMATE: Snow in winter/hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring thourgh Fall
COMMENTS: About 3 houses left which are spread out over a mile. There is really nothing to see or do there. Directions are Illinois Route 78 2 miles north of I-80 (Annawan). Go east on 2050th Avenue to E. 2900th St. Go North on 2900th Street about 1/2 mile.
REMAINS: About 3 houses left which are spread out over a mile.
Kedron Valley is a small area of land in Alba Township in far eastern Henry County in Illinois. It was established in the early 1900s and saw its most prosperous times between 1915 and 1930. At its peak the polulation was about 100 residents. The area was initiated as an onion plantation by a man named Bert Kuhn. The village of Kedron was establised and at one time included a school, a church, a store, a dance hall, and a saloon. The residences were filled with migrant workers and members of the Kuhn Ranch. The plantation covered 15,000 acres. The migratory workers were seasonal and the turnover rate was high. The plantation slowly died with the increases in farming technology. By the early 1960s Kedron Valley consisted of just a few farm houses which still stand today. Submitted by: David Nanninga