NAME: Old Westville
COUNTY: Vermilion
CLIMATE: Moderate Snow, Humid Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, walking may be necessary 1/2 mile
COMMENTS: "Old Westville" is located 10 miles south of Interstate 74 and about 10 miles west of the Indiana border. It is located about a 1/2 mile outside of the modern town of Westville. A natural spring is located near the cemetery. Dates on tombstones date back to early 1800's.
REMAINS: A cemetery
There is not much known about the cemetery. It is forgotten about and unkept. It is apparent however, the modern town of Westville is a product of this earlier settlement. Another note: The cemetery is located in a heavily wooded area outside of town. The tombstones as I said date as far back as 1820 and as late as 1858. I have pictures just not a scanner. Submitted by: Ned Seldomridge