NAME: Parker city
COUNTY: Johnson
CLIMATE: Mild to cold, mild to hot
COMMENTS: No residents, southwest of New Burnside Illinois, old roadbeds, wells, traces of homesteads, railroad town, railroad gone, bed still there.
REMAINS: Old homestead sites 40 or more. UPDATE: Hello, my name is Jennifer Montgomery and my husband Mark and I went out to find the old town of Parker City Illinois today. Based on the directional information we got off of your listing, we drove towards New Burnside, taking a left on 166, took another left on Parker City Road. Right after Raley road, there is a large area where loggers are cutting down trees in the area. We saw no evidence of any old homes or anything else. We stopped and spoke with an older couple and they told us that the people who are clearing the area have removed everything and the only thing left were the wells in the groundJust wanted to update the listing.
Thank you so much,
Jennifer Montgomery
This was a boom town in the 40's with a depot, a hotel or two and a couple restaurants. There are plenty of visible signs of the town of parker city but they have to be seeked out. Watch for old wells. It was built around the railroad. Submitted by: John Flora