NAME: Vishnu
COUNTY: McDonough
CLIMATE: midwest: hot summer, cold winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any but winter
COMMENTS: No residents remain. Surrounded by woods and fields. One must trespass on private property to get to site so one needs to be careful! Creepy at midnight!
REMAINS: 3 story hotel, grain bin, pool with koi, steep steps leading up a hill where town was, one tombstone
Vishnu was a popular resort town for Chicago gangsters in the early 1900s. There is a srping that is still in good order. Had a carosel ride for kids and the operator was caught in the gears and crushed. A resident of the hotel was returning to his room after a night of drinking and fell down the wooden steps and died. A gangster moll also was murdered there. Rumored to have many ghosts. Hotel later used in the 1960s as a hippy commune. Today it is chained shut. The hotel is at the bottom of a valley and you are upon it before you actually see it because of all the trees. At the top of the hill from the hotel there are a few foundations. It's about a mile walk from the blacktop. Submitted by: David Brumbaugh