NAME: Barclay
CLIMATE: Snowy winters, hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Looks great during the spring
COMMENTS: Population around 20. Unincorparated and mainly owned by farmers and ranchers.
REMAINS: Original Barclay High School used as a barn. It still has all 6 rooms, (quite large). Old church now used as a home. Barclay Cemetary still in good shape.
Started in 1872 on an old indian resrvation, The small community once thrived as a gateway for many Quakers. The land was originally owned by John Wetherell who bought the land very cheap. He soon sold it to T.J. Peter and Peter started the community Barclay named after the great Robert Barclay who sailed with William Penn. Barclay's pop. at it's peak was only around 100. It's industry and growth depended on coal, farming, and the rail road. It had a grocery, blacksmith, rail road depot, post office, a creamery, and several churches. The school erected later on. It was a 2 story marvel. The small community loved the Barclay school because of it's radience. Many workers where found to be Mexicans, they mainly worked in the coal mines slaveing away in the heat. After Barclay's coal started running short, the post office closed and so did the Rail road. The school remained open for quite some time. They're basketball team in the early 1900's were rivals to the Osage City High school Indians. Osage prevailed most of the time. However Barclay did win a couple. Barclay found itself to be a dying town in the 40's. Now it consists of a few homes that were once important buildings int he 1800's. The cemetary is a lonely one perched on a hill. The town itself now has a junk yard, a horse ranch, and homes. Most are run down but some are very nice. I now sometimes find myself traveling down the old road to the small community, and take pictures of the lonely village. To many it's just a dot on old maps, but to others it's home. Submitted by: Brian Lee Carriger