NAME: Clyde
COUNTY: cloud county
CLIMATE: Hot summer, Snow in winter
COMMENTS: Although not a ghost town really but has history and is a small town with a population of 719. Clyde is famouse for the watermelon festivle in september which has many activites as a demeliton derby and parade and many other things to do, but clyde is really a really old town laid out on the elk creek. The republican river is also beside clyde to. Clyde was the first town in Cloud County. Clyde had the county seat until Concordia Kansas took it becuase of a bigger population. Clyde shall live 100 more years or so but today many things are still here and alot of businesses and a few places to eat. But you should come visit Clyde Kansas in North Central Kansas anytime in the year and see the museams and other things.
REMAINS: Bunch of houses, businesses, many things left just like a normal town
Laid out in 1870's around elk creek and repbulican river. Was a Fort when indians were in the area. Other history may be found in clyde or contact me at [email protected] or just visit the town and there is a museum Submitted by: Seth Derusseau
Clyde Library
Courtesy Seth Derusseau