NAME: Henson
COUNTY: miami
CLIMATE: Normal seasons
COMMENTS: There are only about 2 families living there. It is located approximately 5 miles east from U.S. 169 in rural Miami county on 343rd st. absolutely nothing to do but to drive through there getting to Osawatomie and Paola and La Cyne
REMAINS: Abandoned gas station. current operating railroad, one house
Henson was formerly called pendleton in the late 1800s and part of 1900. there were a few houses there and a fina gas station. most of the dwellers moved to more populated towns. the town was possibly involved with the burlington railroad, which currently still runs through there. if you drive through henson you will still see remains of the old fina gas station, which was converted into a house. there is still a nice house located on the other side of the railroad. other than that, thats it. there was once a sign directing people to henson located off 169 near osawatomie but they took it down a few years ago cause there was nothing left of the town. it was a stopping point for the railroad and im sure there was business there at once. cannot not tell you what particular busnisses were there. from my understanding it was a busy town. Submitted by: jason