NAME: Levant
COUNTY: Thomas
CLIMATE: Very hot summers, can be mild to bitter cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year, weather permitting
COMMENTS: Levant is a little over a mile north of Interstate 70. Take exit 45 (County Road 11) which merges with U.S. 24.
REMAINS: Many abandoned homes and buildings
Levant is a small Dust Bowl town in western Kansas, about 7.5 miles west of Colby. Most of the buildings here in the 1930s are either completely gone or vacant and in disrepair. The population is believed to be about 200. Submitted by: Diddley Squat

A building in ruins, possible one a school or hospital.
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A long-forsaken home sits on a wide, dusty lot
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A small house in Levant
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A vacant family home
Courtesy Diddley Squat

An old building in Levant, Kansas.
Courtesy Diddley Squat

Remnants of the Dust Bowl; ancient farm equipment stands in a derelict field
Courtesy Diddley Squat

A large abandoned home
Courtesy Diddley Squat