NAME: Neosho Falls
COUNTY: Woodson
CLIMATE: Cold in Winter/Hot Summers
COMMENTS: U.S. Highway 75 south from burlington, kansas. Turn east at the neosho falls sign then go east 10 miles. Town sits on both sides of road.
REMAINS: 500 people, post office, town hall, bar, etc

Started in April of 1857. High population was in 1878 with 1,200. Due to the fact the railroad moved away and dangerous floods from the Neosho River, people started moving away. Today, the town is only a shell of its former self. Submitted by: James Lee

Neosho Falls was the first, and largest town in Woodson County throughout the mid 19th century, and was the first county seat. The town was very badly damaged by a flood in 1952, but the people that live there now are very nice. Submitted by: Travis Campbell

I'd like to make a correction regarding the information you have on your site about Neosho Falls, KS.  I live in Neosho Falls.  First of all, the flood that dessimated Neosho Falls was in 1951, not 1952.  As far as the population, 500 is really inflating it.  There are approximately 250 people that live in Neosho Falls now.  I have pics of what the town looked like in it's fully glory and what the town looks like now too.

REMAINS: post office, methodist church, senior center, community building, tavern

Submitted by: Deborah Chriestenson

Some of the songs on this album The spirit of Things by the rock band Kansas are inspired by the flood of 1951.
Courtesy Russell Beerce