NAME: Oswego
COUNTY: Labette
CLIMATE: Average sotheastern Kansas weather
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall around Halloween to Thanksgiving time
COMMENTS: Oswego is a friendly little place. Placed just 8 miles from Chetopa, it is the "County Seed". With the Neosho river running through, it makes it all that much better for fishing and camping.
REMAINS: Various historical markers and the original Oswego Motel, now renivated
Once known as "Little Town", it was the home of a band of Osage Indians just around the bluff east of our present town site, who remained there for more than 45 years. In 1841 a fur trader and blacksmith, named John Mathews, was provided by the Government to serve the Indians and was the first white settlers on our town site. Many raids were made on the town during the Civil War. An apartmant building, that now stands at the corner of 4th and Merchant, The legendary Wyatt Earp was said to have sherrifed there for a short time and is also said to be haunted. Residents of the building claim that doors open and close on their own, voices heard, music coming from where the ball room once was. They claim that there pets will often watch things around the rooms that aren't there, or can't be seen by human eyes. A town of about 2,000 people and with the historty this little area has had, anything is bond to turn up. Submitted by: Wayne Walker