NAME: Parkerville
COUNTY: Morris
CLIMATE: Cold in winter, nice in spring and fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall
COMMENTS: There is a sign as you are entering pakerville which reads: "44 friendly folks"...But i think that the sign is outdated and that number has dropped significantly. Head west out of council grove until you come to a highway going north towards white city. Take this road aprox. 5 miles until you see a sign pointing east which reads: parkerville, 4 miles. This is a winding paved road. In this town there is a beautiful park in the center of the town that was once supposed to be the site of the morris county courthouse. There is also an old bank building in which a long-time resident of the town built a model of the original town in its heyday...It had about 40 buildings and 500 residents. You can still see the remains of some of the buildings in his model!
REMAINS: Quite alot. Many buildings and a beautiful old stone methodist church.
Parkerville was built along the mk&t railroad. It was founded by a man named charlie parker who is buried in the local cemetery. There was a fierce battle between parkerville and council grove over who would be the county seat of morris county; however council grove won...Ultimately causing Parkerville's demise. I have alot of history on this town, and there is a book written by the pastor of the baptist church, who grew up in Parkerville. His name is Robert Strom. Submitted by: Cora lee younger