NAME: Quincy
COUNTY: Greenwood
CLIMATE: Hot Summers/Cold Winters
COMMENTS: Quincy has a small current # of residents. It is a few miles west of Yates Center and 3 to 4 miles north of U.S. 54. The main road through the town is gravel and named 110th road. A sign off of 54 names the town and points to the road that will lead you to it. A nice assortment of early and latter day ruins and abandoned structures.The older ones have an "Old West" feel. I've enjoyed my visits. The few people I've seen seem friendly. Watch out for dogs who like to protect their turf!
REMAINS: False front bldgs.,old church,gas station,etc.
Some of the information I have on Quincy is that it was named after an early resident,and that the P.O. opened March 17,1869. The 1980 population was 50. I haven't any reason for the town's decline, except that its lack of a major connecting highway probably didn't help its chances for growth. One unusual event I read about the town was when some fleeing criminals who had just robbed a bank at nearby Virgil, came racing down the main street in a stolen car. They managed to escape, but not before being hit by gunfire by some of the waiting townsfolk who had been warned ahead of time by their coming approach. I believe this incident took place circa 1923. Submitted by: Dave Thompson