NAME: Ravanna
COUNTY: Finney
CLIMATE: Cold winter and hot in summer
COMMENTS: To visit ravanna, take highway 156 w. From kalvesta about 6 mi to junction with unmarked road. Take road n about 7 mi to the junction of an east west road. Turn e and go 1 mi to the townsite. UPDATE: I am Frank Goodman, Sr. I visited Ravana with my family in 1936. Several buildings were still standing, including the school house.My mother, Florence Viola Goodman (Blocher) passed away in Caplinger Mills, Missouri October 11, 2003 at the age of 102. She taught school in Ravana one year 1919-20.Frank Goodman, Sr.
REMAINS: A few foundations

1882 it was called bulltown, then cowtown, finally ravanna. When ravanna lost the county seat most of the people moved away. Ravanna lost its post office in 1922. Submitted by: Chuck waynt

My grandfather, John Goodman was active in Ravana Kansas in the early days. My mother, now 100 years young and living in Caplinger Mills, Missouri, taught school in Ravana in 1918-19. Her name was Florence Blocher. She married my father, Roy Goodman, son of John Goodman who homesteaded a spread near Ravana. I have more information and can get more from my mother who is in complete control of her faculties though a century old. She remembers people and events of the time when she taught school. She lived with the Bylers while she taught. If anybody cares to contact me, send me email [email protected]  I am Francis Dwayne Goodman (Frank Goodman, The Senior) of Broward County, Florida. I visited Ravana in 1935 or 36 while the old school was still standing. Some of the buildings of the town were still there. I was only about seven years old at the time. I have a cousin, Lieutitia (Mills) living in Dodge Crossings. She is the daughter of my Aunt Mary (Goodman) who worked many years in the Court House in Cimmaron.