NAME: Stull
COUNTY: Douglass
CLIMATE: Stull has cold winters and hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and fall; most moderate temperatures
COMMENTS: There are few, if any current residents in Stull. There are only a few buildings left. There is also a cemetary that is famous and notorious for being haunted. It is between Topeka and Lawrence on 45th Street. The information given on the current state of Stull is slightly innaccurate. There are more than "few if any" residents still residing there, and the town is definitely still operating, even if on a minimal scale. Town Hall is directly across the street from its famous cemetery, and there happen to be a few other post office/bank buildings obviously still functioning. The town road is very small, but one can't ignore the neighborhoods. While having one of the most talked about cemeteries in Kansas, Stull is still far from being a dead town. The only real drawback to this is that there really is nothing to do in Stull and it is virtually impossible to enter the cemetery (it's gated, blocked off and again, is right across the street from their town hall).
REMAINS: The haunted cemetary and a few buildings
The town was never much, but is now dwindling to almost nothing. It was deserted because there was nothing to support it. It had no stores and, though close to both Lawrence and Topeka, had nothing much to offer. Submitted by: Anonymous