NAME: Wilmot
CLIMATE: Moderate climate at about 900 feet elevation
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accesible any time of the year
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost - maybe 10 to 15 current residents
REMAINS: Unused church buiding-a few old mobile homes-slab from gocery store-shell of old wilmot state bank

Old Wilmot was founded in 1869-1870 & then the st Louis-san Francisco railroad came through about 3 miles south & new Wilmot was founded in 1885. the railroad built a station & put in cattle yards & a sidetrack for cattle & coal cars. the town at one time had two filling stations-a grocery & mercantile store-an 8 grade country school where the bible was read & taught. 1st Christian church. a post office where farmers & ranchers played pitch in the lobby. GOLDIE HAVENS was the last postmaster { closed in the 60s.]-also Wilmot had its own telephone office where people listened to your telephone conversations over the party lines consisting of 8 phones per party line. it also at one time had Wilmot state bank & after it closed it was used for the community center for parties & card games. Wilmot was a very close knit community. in its earlier years it had a baseball team who mowed a filed in the pasture north of the tracks. it also had a car repair shop & blacksmith shop & boarding house. in 1888 a social club was founded called the "PICKWICK CLUB".

Submitted by: HAROLD BUELL