NAME: East Brimfield - Streeter Point
COUNTY: Hampden
CLIMATE: Road may require 4wd in Winter
COMMENTS: A few scattered and occupied houses in this village, nice area to hike and explore. Old Church is still standing and in partial use. To access the Streeter Point Area, follow Rt 20 W towards Brimfield, at the Sturbridge Lions club take a left. RT 148 junctions here and goes to the right. Cross over the Quinebaug River and take your next right. The paved road ends and follow the dirt road for a quarter mile or so where another dirt road junctions on the right. There are several foundations here including a collapsed barn and lots of stone walls. If you take the dirt road to the right it exits onto a paved road, take a right back to Rt 20 - chruch is on the right. Some foundations also off of Five Bridge Road. Also there are remnants of the Grand Trunk Railroad bridges. This area is quiet and peaceful and can be a little spooky at night.
REMAINS: Foundations / Church
This area of Brimfield was taken in the 1950's for an Army Corp of Engineers Flood Control Project, the damming of the Quinebaug river that had flooded Sturbridge, Southbridge and Charlton during the 1950's hurricanes forced the relocation of quite a few families off of their farms and homesteads. My grandfather Childs Wheaton was moved from his land, their are a number of foundations of houses, barns and outbuildings in this entire area surrounding the resevoir. A small number of people still live here although the area is primarily used for fishing, hunting, hiking, and canoeing. The small church still stands and may still be in use. Area dates back to the early 1700's and has lots of rockwalls and good bottle digging. I have found several nice freeblown flasks here although many dumps have been vandalized. I'll try to send some pictures this summer. Submitted by: Doug Wheaton