NAME: Moody Trails
COUNTY: Worcester
CLIMATE: snowy winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring, summer and fall
COMMENTS: This is an area dubbed moody trails by the residents. I do not know the history. It lies at the end of Smith Lane near the Indian Hill section of Worcester, Ma, off of Holden St across from St. John's church.
REMAINS: Dirt roads lead into this pocket of woods in the city. Old stone foundations remain. Also several stone walls and a peculiar 4 foot square stone wall. It goes down in the middle, but is too full of sludge to see whats down there. Looks like it may be a hatch or old stove. At the intersection of two dirt roads is an old city fire hydrant, as well as a manhole cover. It is rumored that the slave tunnels are in the area as well. Off the beaten path across the stream is what is clearly house lots separated by small stone walls.
I am in the process of trying to find out more history of the area. Submitted by: Chris Gould