NAME: Prescott
COUNTY: Hampshire
CLIMATE: Seasonal N.E. weather. Deep snow in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, when water is low.
COMMENTS: Take RT 2a to RT 202. When entering Cooleyville, MAlook for North Prescott or Prescott Center.
REMAINS: The site lists the 4 towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott. It is true that the original site of these towns now lay at the bottom of Quabbin reservoir (Enfield was relocated just across the border and is now the very-alive town of Enfield Connecticut) However, prior to the 1939 flooding of the valley, all buildings, trees, cemeteries (with the exception of native american burial grounds which remained) were torn down. No rooftops or church towers are visible during low water because none are there as reported by your website. There are many interesting remains of the towns remaining above the water line, however. There are many cellar holes remaining and in fact, the center of the town of Dana is still accessible. The whole of Dana Common is still there, surrounded by walls, sidewalks and cellar holes. In addition, the clubhouse to the old golfcourse in either Greenwhich or Prescott (can't remember) is still intact although not easily accessible on one of the islands. In addition, this entire area is widely reported to be haunted. But please clear this up--officials had enough sense to tear down the buildings before flooding the valley!
One of four towns flooded to make way for the Quabbin Reservoir. Flooding of the valley started in mid August 1939. This was not a very "nice" period in Massachusetts history. The reseidents of these towns complained that they were bullied out of their homes. Houses were crushed and bodies removed from cemeteries. A half mile long dam was built on the Swift River in Belchertown MA and one of the longest tunnels in the world wasconstructed to carry the water a hundred miles to the east. Submitted by: Garth Bruen