NAME: Spider Gates Cemetery
COUNTY: Worcester
CLIMATE: Standard New England weather
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year, probably not so good in the winter
COMMENTS: This is an old, abandoned cemetery in the woods of Leicester, MA near the Worcester airport. There is apparently an abandoned church nearby. The graves are mostly from the 17-1800's. The property is "No Trespassing", so it is best to go during the day. Be quick and discrete. Local teens like to party there at night, and the property owners are not happy. For directions and other info, go to http://spidergates.o2k.org
REMAINS: Graveyard, church

There are many rumors that the cemetery is haunted. Submitted by: Samantha

The "Spider Gates" cemetary is still used and cared for by the Worcester-Pleasant Street Meeting of Friends. (Quakers). The most recent burial was in 2000. A great deal of vandalism has taken place at this site by thrill-seekers, and it causes the Friends' Meeting a significant amount of pain and financial expense. It would be much appreciated if you could note this on your site. Sincerely, Ethan Mitchell