NAME: Bainbridge Naval Base
COUNTY: Cecil County
CLIMATE: Typical Mid-Atlantic: hot summers; cold winters; temperate in between.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Fall or early Winter, after trees shed leaves
COMMENTS: Abandoned Navy training base; last used by Job Corps in late 1970's. Though much demolition of old buildings has been done by the Navy (to remove asbestos) many other old buildings remain, especially the old stone and brick ones, plus old outdoor sites, like the reservoir,and the remains of the parade grounds (with bowl seating on a hillside). Site is 1,250 acres, and has been annexed by the nearby town of Port Deposit.
REMAINS: Dormitories, dining halls, office bldgs., old Jacob Tome School (stone buildings).
Abandoned former Navy training base near the Susquehanna River in Cecil county, Md. Last used by Navy in late 1970's. Has been unused since then except for a brief period when the federal Jobs Corp program occupied the base, but local lore has it that the Jobs Corps people ruined whatever remaining usefulness the base had. Submitted by: GT Brooks