NAME: Glendale Hospital
COUNTY: Prince Georges
CLIMATE: Snow in the winter, hot in the summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Not allowed. No tresspassing signs everywhere.
COMMENTS: Goverment owned condemed property. There is no tresspassing, yet i did it because this area fasinates me to no end. I want to go in the buildings, but I can't do it myself. I will have pictures soon.
REMAINS: Main Hospital. Old recovery buildings on the other side.

It's a small community split in two by a road. On one side, the hospital itself lays. It in my opinion is about the size of the whitehouse if not bigger. In the front of the hospital lays one resident. On the other side of the street lays other buildings the size of very large department stores. There are a few old run down houses along the road. There is a seperate building at the far end. It is a very large building. It was the boiler room and or the building that created the power for this community. Connected to this building is a large smoke stack about the hight of a football feild if not more. About 50 yards away is the old water tower for the community. The water tower to my knoledge is not used anymore. Accross the road, about 30 feet away is a store room. in front of this store room is one gas pump which is not in use anymore. The whole layout of the property is about 4 miles by 4 miles. There is no tresspassing.

Glendale hospital is strictly illegal to enter, as well as dangerous to enter due to the age of the buildings, and the condition they're in. That having been said, let's get to the lowdown on Glendale Hospital. If you can find Glendale, you can find the old hospital. You should think of parking on Electric Avenue. While it is illegal to go onto the hospital grounds, or into the buildings, some people have been known to do it. Parking well away from the building, you can sneak up to a building and find a way in. Different buildings have different states of accesability, you'll need to find a good way in. After you've gained access, you'll really be amazed. BRING A FLASHILIGHT AND EXTRA BATTERIES!!! You can go from most of the buildings to each other through underground tunnels. These tunnels go as far as stretching from one side of the hospital, across fields, and the main road to the building onthe other side. Running around in just one building can be fun enough. A LOT of stuff got left here folks. Go to the chapel, you can find hymnals. Head towards a different room, you will find artificial limbs. The place is chocked full of stuff, you can even meet other people that came there to do what you'r doing. One time, the group I was with came across a different group also gaining access to a hospital building. I think we basically cheered and wished each other luck. Submitted by: Chris Astier

Hallway in the Hospital
Courtesy Matthew Killion

Entrance to the Hospital
Courtesy Grizzle

Kitchen type room
Courtesy Grizzle